Thursday, October 2, 2008

Exclusive homeshoring interview with Martin Shields

As promised, an exclusive interview with Martin Shields of Maygenta - ' the UK's leading homeshoring experts '

HSe: "Martin, you've been in this business for a while and have seen the changing faces of the UK call centre. We've been off-shore -we've come back and it looks like were staying- why do you think homeshoring is set to be next big thing in call centre outsourcing?"

Martin: "
Every idea needs external factors to go in its favor in order to gain acceptance and succeed . But when not only the market and the economy are on your side, but also technology is working in your favor it opens up more opportunities to simply improve the way we do things .

Look at the UK today, Petrol and Diesel are sky high raising the basic cost of living, the economy is in crisis and we're most likely going into a recession. - Everybody needs to cut their costs , some to retain profit and some just to survive - businesses and ordinary people alike.

The fact is that, Homeshoring provides cost benefits by reducing the need for physical buildings. Working form home is not an easy way out - if managed correctly for the right people it can be very rewarding. I know because I've done it for the last 6 years!"

HSe: "What do you feel is the problem with call centres today?"

"Having spent some 20 years in the call centre business both in the UK and overseas, it seems to me that many of the current difficulties which the call centre industry experiences such as finding quality staff and maintaining quality - whilst controlling costs, could be solved by opening up access to people at home who are currently an untapped resource.

Existing call centers find it increasingly difficult to recruit and retain competent staff. A large factor in this is the working environment and routine. India and other off shore locations are now not seen as the answer to all the UK problems in communicating with customers and suppliers .They may be fundamentally cheaper, but not necessarily effective for a wide spectrum of applications.

By employing people at home we have access to a very large untapped workforce which is generally very intelligent , wise and keen to earn a living. Maygenta offers its clients a range of solutions which the typical “bricks and mortar “ call centre cannot do . Very flexible working practices including 24/7 can be delivered much more cost effectively than with existing offerings

Many thanks to Martin Shields for his time. If you would like to visit the Maygenta site or recruitment portal where you can leave your details, CV, take a basic aptitude test or make an enquiry you can visit them at maygenta homeshoring jobs "

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