Monday, November 24, 2008

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Join us for an exclusive webcast: "the contact centre comes home"

Q: Can you offer better quality customer
services, lower costs while reducing your carbon footprint?

A: Of course and it ' s happening now...

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Maygenta - 'the contact centre comes home'
28th November, 11.30am 12.00 GMT

Dominic Crowther, Maygenta Business Development Director and Tony Golding,
BT Head of Homeshoring will discuss how 'homeshoring' has already begun to be
a major part of customer service and will be the future for client contact management.

Topics include

How homeshoring works
Why are increasing numbers of
UK businesses choosing homeshoring?
How the technology works
What are the cost savings offered by homeshoring?
How homeshoring allows for the recruitment of quality agents nationwide
Why absenteeism and staff turnover is significantly lower
How homeshoring can make significant contribution to your carbon footprint plan
How homeshoring can make a significant contribution to your corporate social responsibility plan
How simple it is to begin a pilot scheme of homeshoring

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See you there,

Sam Delano

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