Thursday, September 11, 2008


Next week we are lucky enough to have a Q and A session with Martin Shields - a pioneer of the UK call centre industry. Martin started 'Merit Direct' in the mid 80's, when customer response was pretty much unheard of. Merit Direct is recognised as one of the UK's original contact centers and has set the blue print for many others. Merit was eventually merged into SITEL ( to become one of the worlds largest call centre operations.

Martin currently consults to Maygenta - the UK's leading homeshoring company. (*see our useful links section)

We will be discussing all things 'homeshoring', including where he thinks the industry is going, the employment benefits for those on maternity leave, in retirement, home bound, disabled or just looking for fresh challenges - (without the usual 9 -5 issues!)

If you are serious about changing your working regime to a home based role - we strongly advise you tune in.

Please email any questions to We will do our best to include them! The interview will be published next Wednesday 17th September 2008.

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