Thursday, September 11, 2008

Why Homeshore?

Could the increasing capabilities of broadband technology and hosted software solutions, combined with home based working models, potentially remove the traditional contact centre issues?

* Physical buildings are not required, reducing initial investment and running costs

* Productivity is improved through the natural efficiencies of home based working

* The sourcing pool for staff has no geographic boundaries, enabling cherry picking of the best quality staff available whatever the location

* This also enables us to access a previously untapped skilled workforce who, for whatever reason, are home based. The disabled and the retired for example

* Staff turnover is decreased because their job satisfaction is increased and they have no commute

* There are no cultural barriers

* There is total flexibility to bring staff on and off line as when required

* There is no commute optimizing work time, employee performance whilst reducing negative environmental impact

* Staff are managed centrally but have in depth knowledge of their area of responsibility. Ideal for projects requiring local knowledge.

All these factors contribute to a happier members of staff which by definition creates happier customers and brand loyalty. After the nightmare that was off-shoring, perhaps companies have realised the benefits of keeping everyone in their service mix happy? Lets hope so!

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