Monday, October 27, 2008

Homeshoring Jobs for the Disabled...

Homshoring opens up a lot of opportunities for Disabled People to share their skills whilst finding rewarding and enriching job roles:

The following is according to the UK's Office for National Statistics' Labour Force Survey, Sept - Dec 2006, for people of working age only.
  • Nearly one in five people of working age (6.9 million, or 19%) in Great Britain are disabled
  • Only about half of disabled people of working age are in work (50%), compared with 80% of non disabled people of working age
  • Almost half (45%) of the disabled population of working age in Britain are economically inactive i.e. outside of the labour force. Only 16% of non-disabled people of working age are economically inactive- homeshoring information
  • There are currently 1.2 million disabled people in the UK who are available for and want to work.
  • Employment rates vary greatly according to the type of impairment a person has. Disabled people with mental health problems have the lowest employment rates of all impairment categories at only 21%. The employment rate for people with learning disabilities is 26%.
  • Disabled people are more than twice as likely as non-disabled people to have no qualifications (26% as opposed to 10%)
  • The average gross hourly pay for disabled employees is £10.31 compared to £11.39 for non disabled employees.
Main impairment % in employment
Diabetes 67
Difficulty in hearing 59
Skin conditions, allergies 63.3
Chest/breathing problems 62.8
Heart, blood pressure/circulation problems 58.7
Difficulty in seeing 48.5
Stomach, liver, kidney or digestive problems 59.7
Other health problems or disabilities 53.5
Arms or hands 52
Back or neck 48.7
Legs or feet 45.4
Epilepsy 43.6
Speech impediment 19.2
Progressive illness not included elsewhere 42.1
Learning difficulties 25.7
Depression, bad nerves or anxiety 25.8
Mental illness, phobias, panics or other nervous disorders 13.3

Are you disabled? Would you like to know about homshoring? Click here for more info.....Homeshoring Jobs for the Disabled.

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